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Simple Sauces for Gourmet Ravioli

So you purchased a package of homemade ravioli filled with portabella mushrooms, fresh sage and Ricotta Cheese. You are so excited to try these delicate raviolis, […]

Vera Pasta Recipe: Spaghetti con le Cozze

 Ingredients: 1/2 extra-virgin olive oil 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 cup pinot grigio 3 pounds mussels: cleaned and debearded (or, if you’re not a fan […]

Linguine alle Vongole (Linguine and Clams)

This is one of the most beloved pasta dishes in Italy; originating in Venice but now made all along the coast of Italy. There are many […]

The 5 Best Roman Pasta Dishes

Ever since I came back from my stay in Rome last year, the one question I always get is: what was your favorite meal? Expectedly, I […]