There is absolutely no substitution for fresh, artisan pasta, but hopping on the next plane to Italy might be a little out of your budget. Have you ever found yourself searching “pasta shop near me” hoping to find an authentic, Italian experience and being disappointed with the results?

Good thing you can find the next best thing at Vera Pasta shop with handcrafted, fresh pasta right here in West Chester.

Grab a glass of your favorite wine and get ready to have an authentic Italian cuisine night at home - no intercontinental travel is needed! Our Chef Joe D'Andrea studied the art of pasta-making in Italy and creates exactly the decadent types of fresh and dry pasta you would find at a local shop.

Read on to learn about our pasta offerings and the different types of options we offer for dry, fresh, and premade pasta!

Types of Artisan Pasta We Offer

If you are looking for a cozy night at home curled up with your favorite person (or, maybe just a good book) and want to make an easy dinner at home, you can place a pickup order for a prepared meal and call it a night.

Making your own romantic "data notte" (Italian for "date night") at home is easy with an assortment of fresh and dry pasta to create of taste of Italy in the comfort of your own home. 

The choices are endless at Vera Pasta and we are excited to offer you a unique, artisanal pasta shop experience close to home.

Dry Pasta

Each of our dry pasta creations are bronze die-cut and made with the freshest Semolina flour. Every 15oz bag of dry pasta is packaged with care and we hope you will enjoy the eating experience as much as we enjoyed crafting it for you!

Our dry kinds of pasta include traditional penne, rigatoni, fusilli, radiatori and flavorful varieties including spinach penne, spicy garlic fusilli, and tomato basil radiatori.

Is your mouth watering yet? We still have our fresh and prepared meals to tell you about!

Fresh Pasta

Our fresh-made pasta delicacies are handcrafted in-house and are available for purchase and pick up in one-pound bag selections.

Using our delicate, yet robust pasta can open a new world of exciting recipes to craft at home. Pick from selections of spaghetti, linguine, bucatini, rigatoni, penne, and pappardelle - or maybe grab a couple to really get creative in the kitchen.

Prepared Meals and Sauces

If you are simply looking for an easy, yet Tuscan-inspired premade dinner at home or having a group of friends over, our prepared meals are your new favorite go-to. We also offer mouth-watering sauces to complement any of our dry or fresh kinds of pasta.

Hosting the next family gathering can be stressful, but we can take care of the meal for you with options like baked ziti, bolognese lasagna, or spinach manicotti. For our entire list of prepared meals, visit our website.

Grabbing a simple, yet elegant marinara or a bold Sunday gravy to adorn your at-home pasta dinner is as easy as ordering online and picking it up at our shop. Cooking should be a relaxing experience - allowing us to offer you a fine selection of Italian-crafted pasta is a guaranteed way to enhance the pleasure of cooking.

Additional Offerings

Vera Pasta offers 12oz bags of ravioli and gnocchi available for pickup. Choose from delectable creations like 'Wild Mushroom and Sage', 'Goat Cheese, Fig, and Rosemary, or the heartfelt 'Nonna's Gnocchi'.

Your Hometown Pasta Shop

No doubt we are passionate about pasta and we hope you will be, too. While you may not be in Italy we are certain you will feel transported to the cobblestone streets filled with aromas of fresh pasta and bold, mouthy sauces.

Place your order for your next at-home dinner or gathering and find out why our pasta shop is the best you'll find this side of Italia!