Vera Pasta FAQs: Savor the Art of Italian Cuisine

You've asked, and we have the answers! Learn more about our products, process, and pastas below.

Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1Who is Vera Pasta?
Vera Pasta is your go-to source for gourmet, artisan-dried pasta delivered right to your doorstep. Born from a passion for authentic Italian cuisine, we specialize in creating simple, slow, wholesome pasta and sauces that bring the rich traditions of Italy to your table. Our range includes fresh pasta, dry pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, and artisan pizzas, all made with locally sourced, quality ingredients.
2What is Vera Pasta's Mission?
Vera Pasta was born from Chef Joe D’Andrea’s lifetime infatuation with the simple yet savory process of creating authentic Italian cuisine. Our vision is to share the unique, eclectic experience of bona fide Italian dining, packaging it with love and care for everyone to enjoy. From the pot of sauce to the final bite surrounded by loved ones, we hope Vera Pasta can be a centerpiece for your most cherished memories around the table!
3How Can I Purchase Pasta Online?
You can easily purchase Vera Pasta products by visiting our online shop. Browse our array of artisan dry pasta, add your favorite selections to your cart, and prepare to welcome the taste of Italy into your home. Our online store is designed for retail and wholesale customers, ensuring everyone can enjoy the authentic flavors of our pasta.
4What Sets Vera Pasta Apart from Other Pasta Brands?
Vera Pasta stands out for its commitment to authenticity, quality, and tradition. Unlike industrial giants, we use simple, natural ingredients and adhere to traditional Italian pasta-making methods, such as extruding pasta through bronze dies. This honors the artisanal way and enhances the pasta's ability to soak up and retain delicious sauces, ensuring a richer dining experience.
5Do You Offer Private Label Pasta Options?
Yes, through our Private Label Program, we offer high-quality artisan products with low minimums, allowing you to grow your brand with our pasta. We provide several packaging options, from clear sealed bags with your logo to fully branded, customizable bags that will make your brand shine on the shelves. Our state-of-art automatic packing machine ensures the highest quality packaging for your products.
6Where do You Source Our Ingredients?
Most of our ingredients are sourced locally, emphasizing small-batch productions and quality over quantity. From whole plum tomatoes to fresh garlic, onion, and basil, we're proud to support our community and provide you with the most satisfying dining experience. Our flour is sourced from North Dakota, where some of the highest-quality Durum Semolina wheat is grown, ensuring every bite is packed with flavor.
7Can I Find Recipes to Pair with My Purchase?
Certainly! Our website features a collection of recipes designed to complement our homemade pasta and sauces. From classic dishes to innovative creations, you'll find inspiration to elevate your next meal with Vera Pasta. Check out our Recipes section and prepare to impress with dishes that showcase the full potential of our artisan pasta.
8How is Your Pasta Made?
We adhere to the age-old technique of pasta extrusion, a traditional method that originated in South Italy. Our pasta is dried for 24-56 hours, creating microstriations on the pasta's surface, which help to soak up and retain your favorite pasta sauces. This process differentiates our pasta, providing a superior texture and flavor absorption.
9Do You Offer Wholesale Options?
Yes, we welcome wholesale inquiries! Vera Pasta offers retail and wholesale options, providing our delicious, artisan pasta to restaurants, retailers, and food enthusiasts alike. Fill out the wholesale inquiry form on our website, and let’s discuss how we can bring the authentic taste of Italy to your customers.