Dry pasta is a pantry staple and no home kitchen is complete without a few packages on-hand. From traditional rigatoni to spinach-infused penne and more, pasta night brings a smile to everyone's face. And if you’re looking for the best dry pasta in Philadelphia, look no further than Vera Pasta.

Our pasta shop offers a wide range of artisanal pasta that’s sure to impress. Utilizing high-quality ingredients such as semolina flour and bronze die, Vera Pasta is your go-to pasta store for pantry restocks, wholesale orders, and more.

Qualities to Look for in Good Dry Pasta

You might think that all dried pasta is the same, but that’s simply not the case. If you’ve ever made a pot of spaghetti where the sauce wouldn’t stick to the noodles, that’s low-quality pasta. Good dry pasta has a few distinct characteristics that help it stand out from its competitors. And you can find those characteristics in all the traditional dried pasta available at our Philadelphia pasta shop.

Top-notch, unforgettable pasta will have the following qualities:

  • Pasta appears rough and chalky not smooth and shiny
  • Pasta is made from 100% durum wheat or semolina flour 
  • Pasta uses bronze dye 
  • Pasta ingredients are limited

Must-Try Philadelphia Pasta Shop

Wherever you’re located, you can get your hands on the best dry pasta in Philadelphia at Vera Pasta. Whether you’re looking to stock your home kitchen or need to place a wholesale order, we have you covered!

Owner Chef Joe D’Andrea honed his pasta-making craft in Italy. Learning from the best, D’Andrea emphasizes the importance of simplicity and tradition in pasta making. With a focus on simple ingredients and a methodical process, D’Andrea offers some truly mouth-watering pasta.

Types of Dry Pasta at Vera Pasta

Different types of pasta are ideal for different dishes. For example, a long linguine noodle will do better with a simple alfredo sauce whereas a tube-shaped noodle like penne will hold up best in a thicker, meaty sauce. We offer a variety of artisan dried pasta to accommodate all of your cravings. You’ll find the following varieties available on their online pasta shop:

  • Traditional penne
  • Traditional rigatoni
  • Traditional fusilli
  • Traditional radiatori
  • Spinach penne
  • Spicy garlic fusilli
  • Tomato basil radiatori

Order Dry Pasta Online Today

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, personal chef, or enthusiastic home cook, having the best ingredients makes all the difference in the kitchen. For passionate food lovers, it’s not just about the final plate, it’s about choosing lively stand-out ingredients along the way and that’s what you’ll get when ordering pasta from our Philadelphia pasta store.

Ideal for farmers' market vendors, hotels, grocery stores, and more–order today and taste the difference quality makes.

With a strong focus on traditional processes and a passion for modern flavors, Vera Pasta has some of the most unique dried pasta available.

If you’re ready to order dry pasta online, visit Vera Pasta today to browse the delicious selection of dried artisan pasta.

Don’t forget to check out our blog for tips, tricks, and easy pasta recipes that will impress the whole family.