Imagine sitting down to an authentic Italian gourmet meal. It's made with the finest ingredients and the intricate artistry of a true Italian chef. Now, imagine that in your own home. Vera Pasta makes it possible.

Improve the authenticity and taste of your homemade Italian dishes by choosing to buy pasta online. We have products to make your home-cooked meals a high-end eating experience!

Keep reading and learn how to pick up high-quality pasta that's fresh and ready to go in your recipe. Discover the difference when you choose Vera Pasta. 

Our Pasta Shop Promise

We offer quality and authenticity above all. Our pasta-making methods are time-tested and guaranteed to add a flavor and texture that complements any dish.

We only source the highest quality flour and other local, small-batch ingredients to include in our pasta.

Other qualities of our handmade products include:

  • Fresh seasonal produce
  • The use of pasta extrusion through bronze dies
  • Durum Semolina wheat flour

When you taste artisan pasta from our local pasta shop, you'll truly enjoy the tastes of Italia.

Benefits of Buying Pasta Online

If you decide to buy homemade pasta online, look no further than Vera Pasta. Not only do we offer the very best ingredients and authentic techniques, but we keep you from putting in the extra time and effort to prepare an Italian feast. Save time without sacrificing flavor.

We offer several types of pasta, including fresh pasta, artisan dried pasta, ravioli, and gnocchi. Let us take the guesswork out of creating an authentic Italian experience. No matter the Italian dish you set out to create, we offer pasta to suit your needs.

You can browse online for your choice of conveniently packaged products and then set your chosen date and time for pickup. Planning, purchasing, and picking up Vera Pasta for any occasion is easy. 

The Difference between Chef Joe D'Andrea and Other Pasta Makers

Vera Pasta owner Joe D'Andrea brings knowledge and passion to Italian cooking and pasta making. Thanks to his Italian grandmother, at an early age, Joe was introduced to authentic Italian cuisine and developed a keen interest in the language, culture, and culinary artistry.

Since 2010, Joe has studied Italian classical cooking techniques and only employs the methods he learned under the tutelage of great Italian chefs.

Opening Vera Pasta was the culmination of Joe's desire to bring the true flavors and traditions of Italian cooking and culture back home. An order from Vera Pasta is like an order straight from Italy.

Buy a Taste of Italy Online with Vera Pasta

Get an authentic taste, artisan craftsmanship, and gourmet quality pasta right in your own home! At Vera Pasta, we want to share the genuine flavors and gastronomical experience that can only be offered through our traditional techniques.

Buy our pasta online, and you'll see that Vera Pasta will not disappoint! Contact us today with questions or to get started on an order.