The Vera Pasta Story

Simple, Slow, Wholesome

Our fresh pasta is the mouthwatering culmination of a creative amalgamation - a mixture of modern innovation and traditional pasta-making techniques. It’s unique and eclectic, but every aspect of our pasta making can be traced back to Italia.

Using authentic and time-tested methods he absorbed during his remarkable exploration of Italy, Chef Joe D’Andrea crafts homemade artisan pasta that consistently engenders delicious descriptions, feedback and reviews - from “genuine, delicate and superb” to “couldn’t make it better ourselves.”

Chef D’Andrea is emphatic about the diligence in the details - the simple ingredients, the slow process and the wholesome experience. And we’d love to share our gourmet pasta goodness with you.

Our Process

  • Simple: Natural Ingredients

    Our pasta company utilizes the age-old technique of pasta extrusion, which originated from the South of Italy. ‘To extrude’ is defined as ‘to push out’ or ‘to shape’, and through this method of creating fresh pasta, dough is pushed through bronze dies which hold the shapes of common pastas. Once pushed through, the pasta dough comes out looking like the pastas we know and love.

  • Slow: Artisan Process

    The method of extruding pasta with bronze dies does not just result in fresh pasta which uses the revered Italian tradition, but also in pasta with a very distinct texture. Because of the high pressure and the ensuing tension from extruding, what comes out is pasta with a coarse texture. This is a defining quality of artisan pasta extruded from bronze dies, and is also the feature that we think makes it special.

  • Wholesome: Gastronomic Experience

    One more thing that makes Vera Pasta’s fresh pastas unique is its flavors. We also specialize in flavored gourmet pastas which are made with only fresh, seasonal produce. The flavors we add to our pastas are sure to enhance its natural tastes, as well complement sauces really well, leading to a brand new gastronomic experience.

We specialize in flavored gourmet pastas which are made with only fresh, seasonal produce.

Artisan Dried Pasta

Vera Pasta’s assorted dry pasta line is created with the same artisanal, Italian-borne philosophy as our fresh pasta, but with the convenience and versatility that modern pasta appassionatos know, love and need.

Fresh Pasta

Vera Pasta is dedicated to providing you with the most delicate and authentic fresh pasta on the market.


Vera pasta’s fresh ravioli are made in such a way that they are reminiscent of the way their grandma used to make them. A virtually paper thin dough that promises a perfect ratio of pasta and filling for a well balance bite.


Vera Pasta’s cloud-like gnocchi is a customer favorite. We offer two different types of fresh gnocchi: Abruzzi Potato Gnocchi, which is made from fresh Idaho potatoes, and Ricotta Gnocchi, which is made with creamy ricotta cheese from fresh cow’s milk.

Where To Find Us

Currently, our fresh pastas can be purchased in Farmers’ Markets.The availability of flavors and types however are subject to change from week to week, depending on what ingredients are in season. We also supply wholesale pasta to restaurants and grocery stores. If you are interested in our wholesale pasta, please feel free to contact us and we would gladly give you a list of current pasta flavors and types available for the week.

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